5 Food Photographers to get Us Ready for Halloween

Written by Cambria Sinclair | Edited By: Jessica Tishue & Carol Coutinho

October 24, 2020

Photo: Nadine Greeff, https://www.nadinegreeff.com/darkfoodphotography, 10/08/2020 

The collection of photographers below is meant to inspire, intrigue, and get you in the mood for the Halloween season. With a mix of main-stream and indie photographers, we hope to broaden your horizons and spark an interest in the lesser-known art of food photography.

Hannah Caldwell

Hannah Caldwell is a Scotland native now living in Melbourne, who uses her fine art background to influence her photography. Caldwell cites her interest in lighting as a great creative inspiration for her shots. The exceptional lighting in her food photography images reveals her talent in conveying a myriad of emotions through her skillful use of shadows, highlights, colors and textures. One exceptional trait of Hannah Caldwell’s photography skill set is her ability to pack a lot in an image, but still make it seem simple. Her photographs let the eye wander while still ultimately drawing the viewer back to the main subject. The contrasting colors, phenomenal use of shadows, beautiful styling, and textural feast that Caldwell presents sets a dark and spooky mood for all of us to enjoy.



Nadine Greeff

A love for light and shadow continues with our next photographer, Nadine Greeff. Based in Cape Town, she specializes in food photography and styling. Much of her work is inspired by “chiaroscuro”, a renaissance painting technique that utilizes light and dark and it’s use in influencing the viewer. Greeff’s work stands apart from our collection of photographers because of her use of rich contrasting colors, dark ominous hues, and ethereal foliage that bring intrigue to the images. Her work highlights many different cultures and ethnicities, the viewer goes on an alluring and mysterious journey when looking at Nadine Greeff’s body of work.



Rob Fiocca

Beautiful story telling continues with the prestigious and sought-after work of Rob Fiocca. He is an award winning Toronto based photographer who has dominated the commercial food photography scene for over 20 years. While still delivering for big-name clients like Kraft, Nestle, and Ikea, Fiocca maintains a creative twist on his photography. His use of texture, storytelling, and motion help drive the narrative and sustain the intrigue of his photographs. Texture champions the dark and moody food photography in Fioccas body of work. The contrast between slick and rough, charred and glistening, and chaotic and sterile lend themselves masterfully to his images. The sinister feeling of many of Fiocca’s photographs encompass the Halloween spirit beautifully. They illustrate exquisitely eerie stories that you might only find when watching scary movies on Halloween. 



Marta Mauri

Marta Mauri is the creative director, stylist, and photographer who founded Kema Food Culture in 2014. Located very close to Barcelona, Kema Food Culture serves clients in Spain and across the world. Mauri sets her photography apart from others by placing bright subjects against dark backgrounds, utilizing the extreme contrast to highlight beautiful whole foods and dishes. Red, brown, and orange hues entice the eyes while creating a vivid scene that looks too good to eat. The composition and handling of the food enthrall the viewer, giving of a sense of disconcerting nostalgia, or invoking images of meals that you picture sitting on the table of your favorite mystery novel or movie.



Francesco Tonelli

Francesco Tonelli, originally from Milan, uses his love of cooking to influence his food photography. His skill in the kitchen is apparent in his masterfully crafted and styled dishes; the viewer can feel his passion for food radiate from the images. Earthy textures and robust colors are perfectly combined, highlighted with immaculate composition and plating. Tonelli has worked with companies such as Chipotle, The New York Times, and Eleven Madison Park. His impressive repertoire of commercial food photography reflects the movement of food as it is eaten, prepared, and cooked. His photographs immerse the viewer, leaving them feeling as if they had just witnessed a master chef prepare a sumptuous three course meal.



These five photographers display dedication, passion, and mastery of their craft. Each of their signature methods and styles lends itself to a unique experience for the viewer. Whether this collection has spooked you, or made you inconveniently hungry, we hope that you have been inspired by these beautiful photographs to create elevated and mesmerizing dishes for our favorite spooky holiday. After seeing these I’m definitely inspired to step up my food photography and cooking game to create some masterpieces for a Halloween feast. 

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