5 Easy Spring Food Styling Trends You Need To Know

spring food styling
Cambria Sinclair

Written by Cambria Sinclair | Edited By: Carol Coutinho

April 2, 2021
 Here are the top 5 easy food styling methods that you can use to elevate your home-cooked meals. Get that restaurant pazazz you’ve been missing while refreshing your plate with spring inspiration. These food styling trends will bring a fresh perspective to your meals, visually inspire you, and add delicious new elements that you might never have thought of. So go ahead and make your next meal the envy of other Instagram dishes!
Michael Crane, corporate executive chef of ARAMARK, advocates having  fun and creating your own culinary work of art. He advises that you treat the plate as one unified “canvas,” keeping in mind the balance of the plate. “This will give your presentation as much depth as possible”. However, don’t stress out too much! Food styling should be fun and an outlet for you to express yourself.

 Edible Foliage:

Edible spring flowers and vegetable leaves are a new trend that is sweeping across the restaurant scene. It is a plating technique that practices zero waste and foraging. Use the leaves from vegetables that you have put in your dish to decorate the plate. You can also find spring flowers by foraging outside or by visiting your local flower shop. Reference this guide for edible flowers. This styling trend adds a colorful and fresh element to plates! However, make sure when using flowers or leaves that they are edible; if you have any doubt, don’t use them! 
spring food plating, foliage
Foliage plating
foliage plating and food styling
Images courtesy of: In pursuit of food – The Culinary Institute of America – Gourmandeinthekitchen

 Geometric Shapes:

Geometric shapes are all the rage this spring. You can find them being used in countless food magazines, and all over Instagram. The most popular include micro-dots, thin lines, and fork waves. These styling ideas add order and organization to the natural chaos of food. 
geometric food styling, spring food styling
geometric spring styling food lines
spring food styling fork waves
Images courtesy of: Pullcast – Andy Kelly Art – Star Chefs

Monochromatic Decorations:

The brilliance of food’s natural color is brought out in this styling method. Monochromatic decorating can be executed simply by using a sauce that is the same color as the dish, or by making all of the components of the dish the same color. It is a fun decorating method to use, and looks best with natural colors.
monochromatic food styling
monochromatic dessert, spring food styling
monochromatic spring food styling
Images courtesy of: The Art of Plating – Classe Touriste – Royale Brat

Organic Splatter and Smear:

The celebration of springs’ natural shapes is honored with the use of the organic smear and splatter method of food styling. Often used with sauces, the smear or splatter adds a beautiful pattern on the plate that complements simple dishes quite nicely. 
spring food styling, splatter method
spring food styling, smear method, food plating, food art
spring food styling, smear method, food plating, food art
Images courtesy of: The Culinary Institute of America – Luís Baptista

Radial Rings:

Radial rings is a delicate and expressive food plating technique. Most often used with sauce, it can showcase the beauty of multiple colors together, or play off a monochromatic theme. The thin overlapping sauce rings pair wonderfully with desserts and dainty meals, giving it  a sense of renewal and playfulness.
spring food styling, radial rings
spring food styling trends, food plating, spring food art
Images courtesy of: Follow the Colors – The Culinary Institute of America – Temtation for Food

Why You Should Style Your Food

Taking the time to plate and style your meal can be extremely rewarding. Not only does it allow you to be creative and have fun with your food, but it also helps you enjoy your meal more. “We eat with our eyes,” says Lisa Katic, RD, an advisory board member of the American Council for Fitness and Nutrition. Color and texture are as important as taste, says Katic. Taking the time to style your food adds more personal value to it, and can help you find excitement in cooking again!
Plating and styling your food can also help you with portion control, according to Timothy Ferriss, a member of the Institute of Food Technologists. You often end up putting less food on your plate when adding decorations, this can help with accidental over-eating. Ferriss offers this trick: drizzle sauce on the rim to visually expand the portion without actually increasing the calories.

Food styling is an event that can be fun for everyone, you don’t need to be artistic or even that great of a cook to have fun styling. We challenge you to pick one of these 5 food styling trends and try it out on one of your dinners next weekend! Make sure to take a picture of it and tag us on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our page.

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