6 Berries to Search for on Your Next Trek through the Forest

Moerschel, Will. “Edible Berries Cutting Board”. 2021

Hiking, camping, or traveling this summer? Here are 6 berry tasty, safe-to-eat wild fruits to enjoy on your next adventure!


Wild strawberries are actually a part of the rose family. They grow on short stems with white blossoms and are much smaller than commercial strawberries. They’re just as sweet though, if not sweeter! Wild strawberries ripen in spring and early summer and can be found throughout Canada, Asia, The US, and Europe.


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Moerschel, Will. “Strawberries”. 2021


Gooseberries fall into the currant family. They grow on thorny shrubs and can appear green, orange, or purple, depending on the variety. Gooseberries can be ready to pick throughout June and July and grow mostly on hills and mountains in North America, Europe, and Western Asia.

closeup of a bunch of light green gooseberries on a polaroid image

Moerschel, Will. “Gooseberries”. 2021


These wild berries grow in small clusters on vines of thorny thickets, making them easy to identify. The more ripe they get, the sweeter they become! You can find wild blackberries growing throughout most of The USA and Europe

closeup of a bunch of fresh ripe blackberries on a polaroid image

Moerschel, Will. “Blackberries”. 2021


Wild raspberries produce fruit in summer and, just like blackberries, grow in clusters in thorny thickets. They grow in the wild in Canada, the USA, and France.

closeup of a bunch of red wild raspberries on a polaroid image

Moerschel, Will. “Raspberries”. 2021


Mulberries grow on trees and ripen in early summer. They somewhat resemble blackberries but are long rather than round. In a bunch, you’re likely to get a range of sweet to tart-tasting berries. Mulberry trees grow in Eastern and Central North America.

closeup of a bunch of red and purple mulberries on a polaroid image

Moerschel, Will. “Mulberries”. 2021


Blueberries have grown in the wild for thousands of years. Wild blueberries are smaller and more flavorful than commercially grown ones because they contain less water. You can find them growing across North America, parts of the Andes, and central and northern Europe and Asia.

closeup pf a bunch of fresh wild blueberries on a polaroid image

Moerschel, Will. “Blueberries”. 2021

Warning: If you are not 100% sure of a berry’s identification, do not eat it! Some wild berries can cause health issues and even death.

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