How To Create The Perfect Valentine’s Day Dinner During Covid

Valentine's day dinner
Cambria Sinclair

Written by Cambria Sinclair | Edited By: Carol Coutinho

February 12, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This year you can celebrate your love and appreciation for your partner(s) with this specially curated COVID safe guide! Learn how to create a romantic and fun mood with styling and plating special Valentine’s Day dinner recipes for both long-distance and at-home celebrations. Discover the perfect activities to try new things with your loved ones, both near and far, while staying safe this Valentine’s Day.

covid Valentine's day

Setting the right  mood or ambiance is an easy way to create a special Valentine’s Day dinner at home. We’ve all grown intimately familiar with our homes over the last year. Crafting and re-imagining the space in a new way will not just be a breath of fresh air, but will also make your night even more special. Here are some easy and inexpensive things you can do to create a romantic and fun mood for your Valentine’s Day dinner. 

Food Plating

Artfully plating your food can elevate any dish- you can fancify even the humble bowl of cereal if you wanted to! However, plating food is more than just making it look good. It highlights the hard work and care  put into making the dish, and shows respect to both the chef and the consumer. Consider trying some simple plating techniques on your home-cooked Valentine’s Day dinner to make it even more special.  A friendly plating competition with your partner to see what you can come up with is a good way to begin!

Creating An Ambiance

Styling your eating area is the most important point out of all of these recommendations. We have gotten used to staring at the same walls and objects for such a long time, that changing things around will make it feel exciting and new. Adding candles and a tablecloth, rearranging your furniture, listening to music, or even switching which room you usually eat in can make a large impact. My most memorable Valentine’s Day dinner was under a blanket fort, so don’t be afraid to think out of the box!

romantic dinner
picnic inside
Romantic dinner

Valentine’s Day is known for high class dining, surf and turf, and chocolate. There’s no reason that you can’t have all of those things, even during a pandemic. For an intimate experience, try cooking a Valentine’s Day dinner at home with your partner. If cooking just isn’t your forte, or you want something that is a little out of your skillset- order takeout/delivery from your favorite local eatery. That way you can have delicious restaurant style cooking in the safety of your own home.


Cooking a special dinner at home is a great way to connect with your partner and have a fun time working together. Crafting a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner doesn’t have to be hard or expensive. Try these cheap-yet fancy easy Valentine’s Day dinner recipes for a delicious night to remember.

Roasted cherry tomato risotto
garlic lemon shrimp
potato leek soup

For those of you who aren’t comfortable in the kitchen, or want something a little fancier, ordering takeout/delivery is a great option. Supporting your local restaurants during this hard time is very important, and as a plus- you get a stress-free night with some great food. Try ordering a bunch of small dishes from different eateries for an elegant tasting menu.

chocolate covered strawberry

Don’t forget dessert! Instead of buying a variety pack of chocolates for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day, try making something for them instead! Our chocolate dipped strawberry recipe is Vegan and Gluten Free, not to mention easy and delicious. For the perfect mouth-watering treat, check out the recipe in our magazine on page 47.

It can be hard to celebrate holidays during long-distance relationships, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. I recommend cooking dinner together over Facetime or skype, and sitting down to eat at the same time. Have fun with your plating and styling as well! Festive cheer will add enthusiasm to your Valentine’s Day dinner, and make you feel closer. Some great activities to do together during your long-distance Valentine’s Day are Jackbox games, Hulu watch party, watch a virtual concert, or simply have a deep and intimate conversation together.


In my opinion, Valentine’s Day dinner should be preceded by some fun activities! Naomi Brower, MFHD, CFLE, from Utah State University says that “Playing together increases bonding, communication, conflict resolution, and relationship satisfaction. Play can also promote spontaneity when life seems routine, serve as a reminder of positive relationship history, and promote intimacy”. Help boost your intimacy by playing board games (my favorite is UNO), Jackbox games, or fun (and possibly racy) card games! Try games like Bottle Blow (sounds a lot more provocative than it actually is), Lazer maze, and an indoor scavenger hunt with things you already have around your house.

A great Valentine’s Day dinner is more than just the food and activities you do. An integral part of Valentine’s Day is connecting on an intimate level with your loved ones, and staying safe while you do. I hope this COVID safe guide has helped you plan your Valentine’s day dinner, and shown you how to create a fun and romantic mood in your home. We would love to see how you are safely celebrating Valentine’s Day this year! Share an image of your Valentine’s Day celebration with us on social media @cookandculture

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