Maya Moon Reveals the secret to chakra chocolates

Written by Mayella Vasquez | Edited by: Jessica Tishue

Maya Moon is a chocolate truffle company that creates a unique and decadent experience in every bite.  Through the wisdom of Chinese Medicine, Herbalism, and Ayurveda, Maya Moon helps us reconnect with ourselves, our bodies, and our community. Each organic truffle is made from fair trade cacao, sweetened with honey from local beekeepers in San Diego, and infused with ingredients that supercharge your body, and your higher self. 

Maya Moon all started at Burning Man out in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Amidst, art, and strobe lights, Kathryn Rogers, CEO of the company, had the idea for this chocolate company in a moment of meditation.  She felt called to bring her passion for food and conversation to life by creating decadent truffles made from the gifts mother nature generously provides. This epiphany is what Kathryn needed.  

Before Maya Moon, Kathryn had already made it in the health marketing industry, but wanted to do something more.

I just felt so hungry and disconnected,” Kathryn said. “And I wanted to bring a holistic lens of mind, body, and spirit that was missing in our conversation on health.”

This led her to start a catering company known as Vivacious Dish. Maya Moon is an extension of this vision, but in the form of chocolate. Each truffle encompasses the full scope of health she was striving for.  

Kathryn explains that Maya Moon’s high-quality cacao, full of antioxidants and theobromine, is great for the body because it naturally opens your heart center. This key ingredient works with the other health benefits in the herbs, fruits, and spices that decorate the chocolate—creating a tiny truffle, packed with tons of nutrition.  

Courtesy of Kathryn Rogers, Maya Moon Co. 

One of Maya Moon’s signature products, Chakra Chocolate Truffles, comes with meditations that help you align your chakras to nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Chakras are, in yogic philosophy, a concentration of energy in the body. They run from the bottom of the spine to the top of the head. The goal is to unblock, activate, and center this energy. This can be done through music, meditation, and food.

Chakra balancing leads to a stable mind, body, and spirit, leading to overall health and well-being.

“By bringing attention or focus to the energy, we can move the energy,” Kathryn said. “Which in turn, supports [the health of] the organs and the muscles.”

Maya Moon’s core ethos encourages us to come back to our natural state of health and wellbeing by creating an experience that connects us with each other and the food we eat.  


Kathryn saw her vision become a reality last April at the Maya Moon launch party. This moment was exactly what Kathryn’s company is trying to create for others.

“I remember seeing people gathered on mattresses eating chocolate and drinking wine, just total bliss and connection,” said Kathryn. 

And this is only the beginning of where she wants Maya Moon to go.

As the cacao industry expands, she wants there to be a global conversation about sustainable cacao practices.

“We are about helping people understand what it takes to bring cacao from the fields to our kitchen,” said Kathryn. “We strive to know our farmer directly and to really have these conversations, see what is happening, and understand the impact on our communities.”

Maya Moon wants to collaborate with cacao farms around the world.  Kathryn’s goal is to keep the ecosystem of cacao farming sustainable, and stimulate the economy of the cacao industry in these places.

“We want to connect with people around the world and open that heart space and support the health of our communities,” Kathryn said.  

By cacao coming from places like Peru, Ecuador, and Hawaii to San Diego, she can see how cacao is another way food creates pathways of connection. 

“Some of my favorite moments in my life were in shared meals,” Kathryn said. “Being human, connecting when we eat together.”

A connection to ourselves, each other, and nature is what drives her, and has since her childhood. 

“Being connected to nature is such a core part of who I am,” said Kathryn. “I was a very quiet and reflective kid. Growing up in Carson City, Nevada, by Lake Tahoe, my upbringing was in nature. I remember just being so fascinated by mother nature’s quasi ingredients.”

“Being connected to nature is such a core part of who I am,” said Kathryn. “I was a very quiet and reflective kid. Growing up in Carson City, Nevada, by Lake Tahoe, my upbringing was in nature. I remember just being so fascinated by mother nature’s quasi ingredients.”

Kathryn’s passion for nature’s ingredients is what she wants to share through Maya Moon, a dream she had for a long time.  She would work at her day job and then work nights and weekends at Vivacious Dish.

“I had my toes in both plans for a long time, and it took me a long time to make the leap to do this full time,” Kathryn said. “The advice I would give my younger self is that sometimes it’s a matter of leaning in and finding that sweet spot.”

Kathryn considers cacao one of her most powerful teachers.  She is inspired by the wisdom, patience, and delicate yet powerful nature of, what the Mayans regarded as, the ‘food of the gods.’

“Every day, I wake up, and it never feels like I am working. Follow your heart right away; there is always a way if you believe in it,” Kathryn said. 

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